Author: Bruce Wayne

I’m Back Baby

It has been ~3 months since I last hit you all up with some posts. What’s my excuse? Other than my final financial planning courses, tons of projects, final exams, finding a job, and working to quench my never ending pizza hunger; I do not have any excuses. So let’s just carry on like the […]

Kev’s Morning Reads

Long time no see, friends. I am very glad to be back in the blogosphere to update you with what has been going on in the markets and the world. I have been away studying for and took a certification exam, which excuses me from being a lazy bum the past few weeks and not […]

Weekend Oil Reads

Good news – I survived final exams, although stunned it was my second to last one. Chilled out for a bit, but I got bored pretty quickly which is why I’m excited to spend more time with you all over winter break! Lots of stuff been happenin’, so let’s get to it! Share this: